Making Ivy League Admission Decisions

Those of you who have gone through or about to go through the so-called elite (a.k.a. ultra-competitive) college admissions process have no doubt wondered how your application was or will be evaluated. There are numerous sources available that offer insights into how this is done, but now there is an especially pertinent resource available to help you understand how things work.

Anatomy of a Decision, features key leaders discussing how they have made some of their toughest decisions over the course of their careers. The series' first edition, Decisions in the Admissions Office showcases an interview with Jeffrey Brenzel, former Dean of Undergraduate Admissions at Yale University, discussing the student selection process at Ivy League schools and what they're looking for in potential students. This is wonderful “inside" information that comes from someone who was on the front lines of the admissions game at its highest level.

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