What to Do When Your Major is "Undecided"

Question: On some applications, when you have to check off what "school" within a university you are applying to (i.e. College of Arts and Sciences), what do you do if your major is undecided? How do you know what classes to take once you're in college?

That's a good question, and there are no easy answers. If you are applying to a liberal arts college, then usually the application will ask only what you think you want to major in and you won't be bound by the commitment. While it's fine to write "Undecided" (and many students do), we suggest instead that you give admission folks a sampling of your interests--and maybe of your personality, too. For instance, you might say, "As an avid Jane Austen fan, English tempts me, but I'm not ready to give up my passion for science yet either." (Electronic forms might not give you the leeway to write all of this, and you may just get stuck with "Undecided.") Our other piece of advice is that, if you're wavering between a very popular choice (e.g., psychology) and a less common one (classics, Italian), then go with the road not taken. Remember, it's not binding.

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