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Maintaining In-State Tuition When Parents Move

Question: My son has lived in Georgia for 16 years and he plans to attend college in state. We are considering to move to another state in his sophomore year in college. Would he be able to keep his GA residency even though his parents move?

Good news!  As long as your son remains continuously enrolled in a Georgia public institution, he can maintain his in-state tuition classification status, even if you move away.

However, if he were MY son, I would make sure that his Georgia affiliation is well-documented (e.g., he should continue holding a Georgia driver’s license—if he has one now—and he should register to vote in Georgia). That way, if he does decide to interrupt his education … either intentionally (for instance, for a “Gap Year”) or due to circumstances beyond his control (such as serious illness or family crisis) …  he will have established a “paper trail” that shows that he still has Georgia on his mind and not your new place of residency.

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