Paying for College

Low-Student-Debt Schools

Getting into certain schools can save you some student debt. The challenge with some of these schools is getting in, in the first place. Some are hyper-competitive. Others might not have the exact combination of the criteria you need to make a commitment. Once again, the important thing is to do your homework during your college search and then matching your needs against what these schools have to offer. found ten private colleges, including three Ivy League institutions that provided enough financial aid to get their students across the finish line for around $6,000—well below the national average of $28,100. For example, Princeton University: With its no-loan financial aid policy, meaning that less than one fourth of students need to borrow, the average debt at graduation is a low $5,225.Berea College, a Christian-based institution, covers the full $25,500 tuition for all students. The average debt at graduation: $5,836. And Yale University, with its massive endowment and an $117 million financial-aid budget, offers no-loan financial aid to more than half its students. The result: students who borrow walk away with one-third less debt than the national average.

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