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What to Do If You're Unhappy with Your SAT Score

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Test day has passed and you're eagerly awaiting your results. It's natural for a little post-test anxiety to settle in while you wait: You might be wondering if you did as well as you'd have liked. Maybe you distinctly remember a few questions that you know you spent too much time on or didn't answer correctly. So what should you do if the email from the College Board arrives and your scores aren't quite what you'd hoped? Here are a few tips to help you out.

Consider Taking the Test Again

If you have another chance before you have to submit your applications, consider taking the test a second time. Some colleges allow you to submit your scores after their admissions deadline as long as the rest of your application is submitted on time. You certainly don't want to be late on your applications, but if you're unhappy with your score and your target school allows this grace period, it could be a good idea to use it.

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