Low Grades and Suspensions Make Me Feel Hopeless About College Acceptance

Question: I am a high school junior and so far my grades aren't the best (mostly B's and C's but I also got 2 D's). I've also had two suspensions for academic dishonesty issues (copying work from the Internet). I've taken some challenging classes and that's put extra pressure on me. I know that I've messed up and that it's all my fault. I really want to try to do better but now I'm feeling hopeless and lost due to my own mistakes and I'm worried that I won't be able to get into any college. So I want to know if college is even an option for me at all. 

Unlike in many other countries, the United States has college options for almost every student who wants to enroll. So although poor grades and disciplinary actions are going to keep you out of some colleges, there are others that will welcome you ... especially if you keep your record clean between now and when you graduate.

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