Help! Can I Salvage Low Freshman Grades?

Question: I am a first-year college student. My first semester is in great danger. I already dropped one of my classes because I didn't want to get a really low GPA, and now my grades in my other four classes are low, too. It's almost the end of the term. What can I do to save my grades? I'm scared!

The bad news is that low freshman grades can dog you for many years thereafter if you don't act now to reverse the trend. They'll drag down your GPA, even if your marks improve, which may ultimately have some impact on graduate school admissions and even on job opportunities and career paths. The good news, however, is that, if you're able to dig out of this hole, your struggle this semester will not play a starring role in your future--or perhaps not any role at all. Grad school admission committees will note a "rising record" and pay minimal attention to a rough beginning. So you're smart to address this issue promptly, to confront your fears instead of burying your head in the sand.

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