Do Love Letters from College Mean Sure-Thing Acceptance?

Question: Hello there. I had received a innovators application from Babson college, and on the front page of this mail said :" your Babson innovators status entitles you to apply with these special advantages: Automatic scholarship consideration; Personalized access to the Babson Portal with your My Babson account…"

Does this letter mean if I apply to Babson I will definitely get into this college?

It asked me if I want to apply to Early Action, Early Decision, or Regular decision. I want to apply to another school which has a restrictive Early Action policy so if I apply to Babson, will it lower my chance to get in? Thank you so much Hope you have a nice day

Never confuse an invitation to apply with an acceptance. Even if your grades and test scores put you at or above the median range at Babson, keep in mind that there—and everywhere–students can get denied, deferred or waitlisted because they rushed through an application or didn't provide the college with other evidence of their interest.

So if you are applying to another college with a restrictive Early Action program, “The Dean" suggests that you apply Regular Decision to Babson but you should demonstrate your interest in Babson by visiting and touring campus (if possible), attending Babson events at your high school or near your home, if there are any (this includes chatting with Babson representatives at college fairs) and making contact with your Regional Rep … the Babson staff memer who oversees applicants from your high school.

If you are strong enough to be a serious contender at one of the handful of universities that offers a restrictive Early Action option, then you are probably a top candidate for Babson … but only if you put effort into landing a Babson acceptance. You should never think of it as automatic, no matter how much Babson—or any other college—appears to be wooing you.