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Looking for A Profitable Major?

It seems that we're surrounded by bad economic news. Every day our eyes and ears are filled with a seemingly endless stream of negative statistics. Even though there are temporary glimmers of good news, the drumbeat of high unemployment, layoffs, inflation, high gas prices, national debt, etc. pounds relentlessly against us. Any sensitive and aware high school students who are thinking about or applying to college should be wondering how all of this will affect their future, especially in the area of a life's work.

This should lead to some logical thinking about what college major to pursue. Obviously, it's quite possible to get a degree in one discipline and then find meaningful, profitable work in a field completely unrelated to one's education. However, for the more focused and practical-minded students, it may pay off to do some forward thinking and, ultimately, purposed planning. But, you may ask, how can we know the best way to go?

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