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Looking Ahead to Summer

As I write this, in mid-February here in the Northeast, the Weather Channel is showing scenes from Southern U.S. states buried in snow and ice. They’re saying that 750,000 homes have lost power due to the massive storm that plowed through the Southeast all day yesterday. I’m looking out my office window, watching the county snow plow truck make its rounds up and down the road, spreading those nasty little pieces of shale that get caught in the tread of our tires and fly out, banging up inside our fenders as we gain speed. The path I shoveled out to my car an hour ago this morning is already invisible, covered by the seemingly relentless falling snow. It was three degrees below zero yesterday morning. It’s deep, deep winter.

You’re probably asking yourself why I’m ranting about winter weather here in an article that’s supposed to be about college matters. Well, the reason is forward thinking. As I mentioned yesterday to someone who was raving about how bad this winter has been, the thing to keep in mind is that we have one very big fact in our favor this time of year: the orbit of the earth around the sun. As relentless as this winter has seemed, one unmistakeable astronomical fact remains: in little more than a month, the Northern Hemisphere will show its face to the sun and all this frozen tundra will begin to melt. It will be spring, and summer will be just over the horizon!

Now we’re getting close to the point of my screed: summer and what you, as a high school student aspiring to college, should be thinking about now, before it actually becomes summer!

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