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Long-Lost Dad and Dartmouth "Legacy" Hook

Question: Does the Dartmouth admissions office contact the parent that is an alum? My son will be applying as a legacy and is a "good fit" for Dartmouth, however, his father decided he did not want children after our son was born and has chosen not to be a part of his life. So, I'm wondering once my son is part of the admissions process-- will they contact his dad?

In order to answer your question, this “dean” turned to a real one, Dan Parish, Director of Admissions Recruitment and Communication at Dartmouth. He told me that, “When a child lists on the Common Application that one of their parents graduated from Dartmouth, we do in fact send a note to the parent to acknowledge their relationship with the College and to offer to answer any questions they might have.” He also pointed out that most colleges and universities that he knows of will so the same.

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