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Locks on Dorm-Room Wardrobes?

Question: Do the wardrobes in Tanoche Hall have locks or some way to secure the contents inside?

This “Dean” has no clue where in the university universe Tanoche Hall is located. I suggest that you go to your college’s Web page and find an email address or telephone number for the “Office of Residential Life” (or a department with a similar name). Then contact a staff member there to ask your question.

The majority of college dorm-room closets do not have locks (only the rooms themselves have locks) but there are some that do … especially in the newer dorms or in the most recently renovated ones.

But this is a question that is so very specific that you have to ask an official at the college you are attending. I’ll also post this on College Confidential on the outside chance that a CC member recognizes the dorm name (Google didn’t) and can weigh in.