Location, Location, Location

You’ve probably heard the answer to the question, “What are the three most important considerations when dealing with real estate?” — Location, location, location.

Sometimes the same goes for college selection. In that situation, the question might be, “What is your most important criterion for picking a college in which to enroll?” Again, the answer might well be, “Location, location, location.”

In dealing with many high school seniors over the years, I have always been surprised about the power of home. Maybe it’s because of Mom’s influence and her reluctance to see her bird fly from the nest. On the other hand, there are also economic considerations, as I have discussed here in the past. It’s not good form to generalize, but there seem to be two polarized mindsets when it comes to high school seniors (and sometimes their families) making their college enrollment decisions. First, for lack of a better phrase, there is the “I can’t wait to get away from home!” crowd. These tend to be the teens who have, for whatever reason, pretty much had it with the strictures of a “disciplined” home life and the associated parental oversight. I’ve actually had high schoolers tell me that “too far” isn’t far enough away from home. Accordingly, these Northeastern college aspirants fill their college candidate lists with schools from the mountain states and Left Coast.

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