Local Admission Interviews

The college admissions process has many hoops through which applicants have to jump. One of the more stress-inducing hoops involves admission interviews, of which there are two kinds. Perhaps the more stressful is the on-campus interview with members of the admissions team.

In many cases, you’ll be sitting maybe only a few feet from the admissions office conference room where your fate will be decided. If you’re really lucky (or unlucky, depending on your viewpoint), you may be interviewed in the same conference room where the admissions committee will place your file on one of three piles after they’re done discussing your application: Admit, Deny, or Waitlist.

Sometimes, the on-campus interview is conducted by a student of the college, usually a junior or senior who has been working in the admissions office. This may be a bit less stressful for you, but it still represents one of the hoops you must pass through. Some applicants feel that being interviewed by a student isn’t as important as being interviewed by an actual admission committee member. Well, an interview is an interview and the student’s comments about how you did in the interview will be entered into your folder along with everything else.

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