A-Level Schools for B-Level Students

Let’s face it; we’re not all valedictorians or 4.0 students. In fact, those of us that hover around a B average are in the majority. Better still, we B students should take heart. According to Village Ventures’ Bo Peabody, writing in Business Insider, “Successful Entrepreneurs Are ‘B’ Students, Not ‘A’ Students.” He goes on to qualify this bold statement with, “B-students don’t know everything about anything and are excellent at nothing. B-students do, however, know something about a lot of things, and they can complete almost any task with some modicum of competence. People often ask me: ‘As an entrepreneur, what exactly do you do?’ My answer: ‘I do nothing. But I do it very well.’ Entrepreneurs are B-students. There is no one thing they do well. But there are many things they do well enough.”

This should hearten all you B’ers out there. I know it has made me feel better about my B- college GPA. If you’re a high school junior carrying a B (plus or minus) average and you’re hoping to get into an A-level college, well, maybe what you’ll read here today may be of some help. Plus, if you really want to be fired up about your B status, you may want to consider this insight from the Elite Daily (“The Voice of Generation-Y”): “That is to say, the average A student is well prepared to engage in academic discourse, but it is not guaranteed that he will be adequately prepared for challenges outside the classroom. If you glance at the state of our economy, it is evident that theory does not always translate into reality.”


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