Did Late Teacher Recommendations Torpedo Admission Outcomes?

Shubham Shara/Unsplash

My very high stats son (12 APs, 1560 SAT, only two B's) was given bad advice from his school counselor. She told him that recommendation letter requests had to go through Common App, which he did. It turns out they should have gone through Naviance. Due to this, he didn't submit any of his rec letters on time. By the time he realized his rec letters didn't go out by the deadline (because one of his teachers told him she never got the request), it was almost two weeks after deadline. He scrambled to go through Naviance and got them turned in about three weeks late. He has now received two denials, we are waiting on a few other schools. But I know this must reflect badly on him. What recourse do we have against the counselor for her bad advice? I am just sick over this.

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