At Last, Both the SAT and ACT Offer Summer Test Dates


Aaron Tompkins spent last fall shifting between football practice, AP classes, a weekend job in retail and a leadership role with his school's branch of the National Honor Society. In addition, his parents registered him for the fall ACT exam date – a schedule he felt was too overbearing. “I didn't mind taking the test, but studying for it in between everything else I had going on was impossible," he said. Fortunately, the answer to such jam-packed schedules may have arrived in the form of summer testing.

For years, students and their parents have wished for summer SAT and ACT dates – after all, this is the one time of year that you don't have to juggle testing with your school course load. Those wishes have been granted, and this summer marks the first time you'll be able to take both tests during your summer vacation.

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