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Last-Minute Room in the Dorm?

Question: What are the chances if you signed up for a DORM ROOM TOO LATE? I'm on a waiting list as of last week. Do you think its possible they will call me?

This is a question for the Residence Life department at your college. “The Dean” has no way of knowing where you attend school or what the housing policies are there. But my advice would be to keep in regular contact with the housing office to “remind” them of your interest. You should ask THEM … not me … about the likelihood that you’ll get a room. Ask how high up you are on the waiting list and if it seems to be moving in your favor.

Also, if your college offers “theme” housing (e.g., for environmentalists, movie buffs, Spanish-speakers, vegetarians, …) take a look at the list of options and see if any will suit you. If so, tell the Residence Life official that you’d be happy to join a theme community. While these dorms (or floors/hallways within dorms) often fill up quickly, they are also apt to have last-minute drop-outs (like when a vegetarian chomps on her first-ever cheeseburger in August and decides she better seek alternate accommodations 😉 )

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