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Last-Minute Merit Money From Waitlist College?


My son was just admitted off the waitlist at his top choice. He had already accepted an offer at another school with a $25,000 per-year merit scholarship. I know you've said before that financial aid decisions can be appealed, but we didn't apply for financial aid. We'd like to approach this school and ask if they'll match the merit aid the other school has offered (or if they can at least throw us some money). Can I appeal for more money even if I didn't apply for financial aid?

Congrats on your son's acceptance, even if it's something of a mixed blessing when the bills roll in! If your son didn't apply for need-based financial aid at the time that he applied to this college, then it's probably too late for him to apply for it now, although it can't hurt to ask. Your chances of getting good news will be best if your family's financial picture has changed significantly since the application deadline. For instance, has a parent lost a job or become disabled? Have you suffered a major uninsured loss or unanticipated medical expenses?

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