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Last-Minute College Applications

Okay, high school seniors. So it's almost December. Are you planning on going to college? If so, here's a dumb question for you: Have you applied anywhere yet? To answer all you procrastinators out there, yes, I know that for a lot of colleges you have until January 1, February 1, or even later to apply, thanks to so-called "rolling admissions." However, maybe the more penetrating question is: Do you know where you want to apply? Figuring out your list of candidate colleges can sometimes be much harder than the actual application process itself.

A brief sidebar: Have you heard about SuperMatch? If not, click that link and prepare yourself to be amazed at how easy the college search has become. As it says on its home page, SuperMatch "utilizes a "fuzzy" approach to ranking your preferences. That way, not only do you get a list of schools that match your needs perfectly, but you'll also see the ones that come close." If you haven't started thinking about your college process yet by this point in your high school career, that keyword "fuzzy" may also apply to your overall thought process (or even your grades!).

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