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Laptop Lock Up in the Dorm?

Question: My daughter has been assigned to Stuart Hall 6th floor (Penn State Main Campus). Do the desks have the capability of storing and locking a laptop?

This is a question for the office of Residence Life at Penn State. Write to or make a call to one of the numbers listed here:

While many college dorm rooms do provide a locking drawer or cupboard that could hold a laptop, few students seem to bother with them. If your daughter is concerned about laptop theft, she might be better off investing in a cable lock like this one of these:

This way, she can keep her laptop locked right on her desk and won't have to worry about stashing it in a drawer or cabinet if she takes a short bathroom or soda break.

And here's some advice from a College Confidential discussion-forum thread on laptop security: Note the comment about the locking drawer from a Penn State parent!

However, if YOU are the one worried about laptop safety and your daughter isn't, then don't spend the money on a lock because she'll probably never use it.