Preparing for College

Know Thy Professors

Well, May 1 is history. Most high school seniors have sent their enrollment deposits and are now focused on having a strong finish to their senior year. It’s also time to start thinking about signing up for classes at college.

Back in the day, before computers and the Internet, class registration was held on campus at the start of the school year and subsequent academic terms. I recall standing on the hallowed floor of Recreation Hall at Penn State in early September 1969, among thousands of my closest classmates, trying to get a registration card for classes to fill out my fall term schedule. Back then, terms at Penn States were 10 weeks, which was fairly brutal when trying to cover a topic comprehensively.

Today, things are a lot different. Registration can be handled from the comfort of your bedroom as early as spring of your senior high school year. Quite a difference from standing in line on a gym floor.

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