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College Admissions Interview - Kathy Morgan, Counselor

College Admissions - Interview

Kathy Morgan - College Counselor & More

"College is better than no college, period. You'll thank me later!"

-Kathy Morgan

All too often, high school guidance counselors are criticized for a legion of faults: lack of college knowledge, lack of concern for students who aren't academic superstars, general absence of motivation... the list could go on and on. Kathy Morgan is one guidance counselor who won't be confused with the lackluster performers vilified by so many parents. In 1999, Kathy helped 100% of the senior class of All Hallows High School in the Bronx gain entry to college. This school was far from a magnet school packed with elite students - in fact, many of the students might have been termed "not college material" at other schools, with an average SAT score of 870. Ms. Morgan's accomplishment attracted the attention of the national press, and coverage included a feature story in the Wall Street Journal.

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