Juniors: Using Your College Searchlight

If you are a high school junior preparing to apply to college this fall or winter, you have no doubt been thinking about where to apply. You probably have some “dream" schools in mind already and maybe your parents have even dropped some not-so-subtle hints about colleges they like for you. In other words, your quest for completing your list of colleges to consider is underway, subject to changes as you learn more about your candidate schools.

However, you might be one of those juniors who hasn't yet put serious thought into the college search process. You may be thinking that summer is the perfect time to start this important phase of your young life. After all, there are likely fewer distractions during the summer months, distractions like school work, SAT or ACT demands, school clubs and related extracurricular activities, to mention a few. You may be either a procrastinator or a very careful planner.

Regardless of which camp into which you fall — advance planner or one who believes later is better than never — you're busy right now with school's year-end requirements. You're thinking about Advanced Placement exams, maybe some Subject Tests, and/or another SAT.

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