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Talkin' Smack-a-demic: June '13
Whether you’re gearing up to be a senior shark or a freshman guppy, the theme floating around the college-bound pond is… no surprises! Incoming seniors, this month’s features can help you sail through applications, financial aid, and college interviews. Freshmen, dive into college life right with tips for getting organized and surviving on a college budget. Don’t get caught by the hook this summer, Punch people. Shake those tailfins!

My Goodness, Common App, How You’ve Changed!
The revised 2013 Common App is slated for release August 1—will you be ready? Admissions guru Lisa Mader offers the scoop on how the recent changes could affect your application process.
Is It Just You, Or Is Everyone Talking Funny?
College is a pretty diverse place, and your new social circle might include some wacky and unfamiliar accents. Isn’t it time you knew for sure whether the sundae nut is pronounced PEE-can or pe-CAN? Let this primer be your guide.
Parents: Know What You’re Getting Into Before Cosigning Loans
It’s an age-old debate—should you give your kids a leg up by cosigning college loans, or is “tough love” ultimately the road to self-sufficiency? Our smart CC users know it’s best to have all the facts either way.
Don’t Let Bad College Credit Sneak Up On You

The urge to take out a car loan or revamp your wardrobe will be strong at times, but don’t fall into the college-credit trap. Keep your score clean for the next four years—while enjoying a few nice things—with these helpful tips.

6 “Wake-Up Calls” for College Freshmen

Thought you learned everything you need to know about college from watching Animal House? Think again. This primer reveals six aspects of college life that just might surprise you.

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