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College Confidential   CollegeView     June 2012

Talkin' Smack-a-demic
Well, looky there, all you new high school grads. You made it! You got through 13 years* of pencils, books, and teachers' dirty looks. So, what's next? Why, more pencils and books, of course (and hopefully drastically fewer scowls). Indeed, college is a magical place where you get to discover who you are and figure out who you'll become. But first, let's get you through this summer with some handy tips for getting familiar with college coursework, taking the guesswork out of financial aid, and much more.

*That's if you count kindergarten, and we do, because if loving naps is wrong we don't want to be right.

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Ask the Dean

Real Job Vs. Unpaid Internship?
About a week ago, I went on a college tour where many colleges recommended employment as a way to boost admissions chances. I was recently accepted for an unpaid internship at a local lab this summer. Would most colleges consider this employment, or would they prefer it if I found paid employment in addition to or instead of the internship?

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Admit This

Summer Job Success
Last time, I discussed some ideas for the kinds of summer jobs you may care to consider. This time, I'll discuss how to improve your chances to get one of those summer jobs.

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