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June 2011

Tales from the Deep End

Get set to sizzle, PUNCH pals. All over the world, laptops are snapping shut as students rub their weary eyes and haul out the lawn chairs for Mission: Summer Relaxation. PUNCH would like to give a big congrats to our recent high school grads—college life awaits you, so make your last truly carefree summer one to remember!

And juniors, since you will naturally keep your academic goals in sight as you kick back ‘til August, allow us to present a little fodder for those mid-afternoon power naps. Consider, for starters, that those who retake the SAT/ACT have a 55% chance to get a better score and save thousands on college tuition. And we’re not just talking about redemption for less-than-stellar results—even high scorers can see a significant increase when they give it another go.


Summer internships are big for juniors and seniors alike. Huge. In diving terms, landing a sweet summer gig is like nailing a triple somersault with a jackknife-twist… off the low board. But seriously, in addition to getting work experience, interns reap major perks like maximizing high school transcripts and earning college credit while (in the case of paid placements) scoring extra cash. Plus, everyone loves an intern. It’s a win-win.


Parents: Looking for a way to help your juniors stay on track this summer? Hit up the fair—the college fair, that is! Summer information sessions abound, and hundreds of institutions are getting in on the action, hosting on-campus workshops and sending representatives to high schools across the United States. Fairs are a great way to find out more about your school(s) of interest while mingling with admissions reps and other like-minded families. Check with your counselor or contact the admissions office(s) of your top colleges for a complete schedule of fairs and events.


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