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Talkin' Smack-a-demic: July '13
Is your summer half empty or half full? At the middle point, we pause to reflect on all the fun we’ve had so far: Here at HQ, for example, we snagged a super hip student blogger who’s been giving us the skinny on matters such as dorm survival and cheap livin’, and helping us keep an eye on our progress. Are we saving enough dough from our summer jobs? Have we started our dorm-essentials packing list? Can we squeeze an early campus visit into our travel plans? There’s a lot leftover on our Fourth-of-July-themed plates, but it’s alllllll good. Party on, Punchers!

My Parents WANT Me to Take Out Loans
Despite even the best intentions, some parents simply can’t afford to pay for their kids’ college education. But at least one CC user’s folks are downright gung-ho about racking up student loan debt. Everyone’s doing it these days, er… right?
Don’t Let Poor Planning Wreck Your Fall Test Score
College guru Lisa Mader is at it again, highlighting smart ways to plan for fall testing and admissions, while watching out for critical end-of-high-school GPA maintenance.
I Think My College is Ripping Me Off
Join the convo with CC user tryandsucceed, who wants to know, “Recently, I reported a $2,250 scholarship I got while in high school. As a result, my university reduced my financial aid by $2,300. Aren't they wrong in doing this?”
Summer Preppin’, Had Me a Blast

Getting a tan while crushing SAT vocab? The experts at PrepMe explain why summer provides some of the best opportunities all year to get your study on!

Next Stop…Procrastination Station

It’s amazing how lively CC users suddenly get when the talk turns to slackin’. From ironing medical scrubs to reading five chapters on WWII, all the stuff we should be doing just might be the motivation you need!

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