Preparing for College

Ivy Transfer Chances

Question: How hard would it be to enter an Ivy League school after spending two years in a small private Christian college in order to recieve your basics if your grades were very good?

There are at least two issues in your question. The first is whether or not an Ivy League school has a preference for transfer students, and if so, how many do they hold a place for each year? Also, what do they look for when considering a transfer student, including grades, scores, and other variables in your total application portfolio?

Second, you mentioned "the basics" in your question. I'm assuming you mean that you chose the smaller, Christian college (either a two-year or

four-year school, I'm guessing) in order to take advantage of the mission and philosophy of the college, as well as get the "basic" core curriculum out of the way.

The challenge you face is knowing ahead of time which courses (and for that matter, the entire curriculum at your current school) are transferrable to any other college, let alone an Ivy League school. And then finding out what characteristics of the Ivy League school match the level of preparedness you have achieved.

To be honest, admission would be most difficult, unless you had very special academic gifts or unusual talents in co-curricular activities that match what the Ivy League schools are looking for individually.