Ivy Transfer or Back to SCAD?

Question: Currently just finished my Freshman year at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Have always loved art and thought it would be a great fit, but even before I got there I knew it wasn't for me. Art was a passion, but I don't think it was meant to be my career. Beginning in December of 2016 I started compiling transfer applications to schools like Yale, Brown, and Dartmouth, but friends and family convinced me that I needed to give SCAD more of a chance, and so I didn't end up applying to any of the schools I wanted. It's now June and I still feel like I would thrive better and a rigorously academic, traditional school, but am stuck because applications for transferring have closed. What do I do? SCAD is too expensive to go back in the Fall if I'm just planning to transfer out.

There are really two separate but intersecting issues here. The first is whether or not you should go back to SCAD in the fall and the second is whether or not you have a shot at the elite transfer colleges that you're targeting.

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