Ivy Lust? One Guy's Perspective (Final Thoughts)

For those of you who may have landed on this post, instead of my two previous posts regarding so-called “Ivy lust," let me recap. I define Ivy lust as that almost indefinable force that attracts legions of high schoolers and even (especially?) their parents to the most prestigious and hard-to-get-into colleges and universities in America.

This black-hole-strength gravity plays a big part in many high school seniors' college selection processes. Because of the punishing acceptance rates of the Ivies and other “elite" colleges and universities, this attraction often leads to bitter disappointment in the final tally, when decisions come out. With single-digit acceptance rates, is that any wonder?

Today, as my final (at least for now) thoughts on this issue, I would like to discuss rationales for selecting colleges during the college search process. There are good reasons to choose and apply to a school. There are also not-so-good reasons.

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