Ivy Lust? One Guy's Perspective

As a co-founder of College Confidential back in the late summer of 2001, I have watched with interest over the past 14 years the types of students and parents whom CC has attracted. While the many articles, features, and resources CC offers can help high schoolers and their families seeking any level of college, the clear majority of site visitors and participants are those seeking admission (or transfer) to the Ivy League and other so-called elite colleges and universities.

The reality of the challenge of gaining admission to these exclusive schools is easy to discern. The statistics are plentiful. One of these schools, Stanford University, for example, currently denies 95% of its undergraduate applicants. For those of you non-mathematicians, that’s a 5% acceptance rate. Most of the Ivies are in the single-digit acceptance rate category. Even the top non-Ivy schools are in the teens-or-tougher acceptance rate category.

Maybe you or your parents are swept up in the frenzy to “get in.” Let’s look a little deeper.

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