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Ivy League: The Year of Single-Digit Acceptance Rates

Well, it's over. Another anxiety-filled college admissions season has ended. March 30 was D-Day ("D" for "Decision") for many high school seniors, especially those applying to the Ivy League and other so-called "elite" colleges and universities. For applicants aspiring to the Class of 2015, timing was unfortunate. This was, without question, the most difficult year ever for landing a slot at an Ivy League school.

As you can see from the chart below, six of the eight Ivies had overall acceptance rates in single digits. That's relatively mind boggling. Those odds make sense, though, when you look at the number of applications these schools received. Five of the eight got over 30,000. One has to wonder how the admission folks managed to keep their sanity throughout a process of this magnitude.

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