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Ivy League Chances for Squash Player

Question: My GPA is on the rise--from a 3.3. in 9th grade to a 4.0 last year when I was a junior. Will this be sufficient to get me into Princeton and other Ivy schools, if I am also a recruited athlete for squash, or will my freshman average hurt my chances ?

It's hard to evaluate your chances at Princeton and other elite colleges without knowing a lot more about you. Sounds like you're an excellent candidate for a College Confidential Stats Evaluation. At only $89, it's a deal; go to sign up.

However, with the understanding that we could be off base due to lack of adequate information, we would have to say that there are four key words in your question: recruited athlete for squash.

If, indeed, squash coaches are coming after you, then that will play a big part in landing favorable admission decisions. Of course, there is a big difference between being good enough (in your own humble opinion) to play squash at Princeton (and at other comparable colleges) and having a coach drooling to get you there.

We don't know if you've taken the most demanding classes in your school or if you've fared well on AP exams. These will be factors in your admission outscomes. We don't know your SATs, either. However, if they are above about 1350 and your academic record has risen as you describe and includes most of the challenging classes offered at your high school, with a coach's push, you would certainly be in the ballpark for many top colleges. But, again, there are lots of variables and we have access to few of them.

We do urge you to consider that Stats Eval for a clearer picture. In addition, if you haven't done so already, try the College Confidential Academic Index Calculator at:

Meanwhile, if those squash coaches aren't already beating a path to your door, make sure that you (or your current coach) get in touch with them so that you can tout your talents and, at the same time, find out just how hot a prospect you are.