Preparing for College

Do Ivies Admit Transfer Athletes?

Question: I am from Canada. I had the grades straight out of high school to go to universities, however I went to a junior college instead to play softball. Do Ivy League schools take junior college transfers who wish to play softball?

The Ivy League colleges take very few transfers but often those they do admit don't come from other similar U.S. schools but instead are students who can bring something more atypical or diversifying to campus. You may fit the bill well because you will be coming from a two-year college in Canada and have special talents in softball.

Your best initial strategy would be to identify the institutions you most want to attend and then contact the softball coaches at each one to see if they seem interested. If so, they can help you through the admissions process and tell you what you need to do to play on an NCAA Division I team. But keep in mind that, while coaches can certainly influence admission decisions, they don't make them.

Keep in mind, too, that admission to the Ivy League schools is extremely competitive. Having high school grades that are university-quality may get you as far as the front gate but you need much more to beyond it. Your softball skills, if they are indeed outstanding, could be just the "hook" you need.

By the way, if the Ivy coaches or admission officials aren't encouraging, there are some excellent colleges that will welcome you nonetheless if your grades are good and your softball skills are, too.