It's Ivy League Day!

Today is Thursday March 30. Sometime during the next eight hours or so, the many tens of thousands of high school seniors throughout the world who have applied for admission to the Ivy League (one or more of those eight schools) will find out whether or not they got in. Some may be consigned to the purgatory of the waitlist, left hanging, not knowing if a spot will somehow miraculously open up for them in the coming weeks.

Of course, the overwhelming major of Ivy applicants will be disappointed (at least). Many will be crushed because of all the imagery they have conjured about their so-called “dream" school. For some of the denied, the dream will become a nightmare, unfortunately, especially those who did not take care to spread their applications across a reasonable group of colleges in order to offer themselves an almost certain group of acceptances. Such is the price of rose-colored blindness and assumption.

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