Is Transcript Required for Home School International Student?

Question: I am an international student and wish to enter an Ivy college. I am currently following my 11th grade at home, with a yearly home school program. I do not have a complete semester to show but only some grades that will be on the yearly transcripts. The yearly transcript will be official. Does the university accept a yearly transcript instead of 2 semesters?

Most students submit a yearly transcript. So you will be okay without any semester grades to report … at least as an 11th-grader. However, the colleges may request your grades in January of your senior year. If you don't have grades to report midway through 12th grade, you may have to provide a document that describes your progress so far.

Since you are home-schooled, be sure to check each university's instructions carefully to see what sort of additional information is required for home-schooled applicants. For instance, colleges may expect a detailed syllabus that shows the material that each of your classes covers.

Above all, take as many standardized tests as seems reasonable (SAT, SAT Subject Tests, AP exams if possible, TOEFL if required). The Ivy League schools are extremely competitive and, because you won't have traditional grades to report from a “bricks and mortar" high school, excellent test scores can show admission officials that you can hold your own with top students from around the world. If English is not your first language or if you have grown up with socioeconomic disadvantages or faced other obstacles, admission committees WILL take this into consideration when they evaluate your scores. But I urge you to submit strong test scores if you expect to be a contender at these extremely selective institutions.

Good luck!