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Is This College Coach Just Not That Into Me?

Question: I wrote to the soccer coach at my first-choice college, which is an NCAA Div. 3 school. I told him that I was interested in being on the team, with the hope that he could help me get admitted. He wrote back and said that he was happy I was applying. He gave me the try-out dates in September and said he would look for me there. Does this mean that he will talk to the admission office about me? (This is definitely the college I want to attend, whether I can play soccer there or not.)

This seems like a generic "kiss-off" letter to me. You may, indeed, impress this coach at try-outs next fall. But, until then, it sounds like he probably has other recruits in his line-up, and he's giving you the boot. A coach who is truly interested would make greater effort to convince you to attend his school and/or to learn more about your soccer prowess.

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