Preparing for College

Is This College Coach Just Not That Into Me?

Question: I wrote to the soccer coach at my first-choice college, which is an NCAA Div. 3 school. I told him that I was interested in being on the team, with the hope that he could help me get admitted. He wrote back and said that he was happy I was applying. He gave me the try-out dates in September and said he would look for me there. Does this mean that he will talk to the admission office about me? (This is definitely the college I want to attend, whether I can play soccer there or not.)

This seems like a generic "kiss-off" letter to me. You may, indeed, impress this coach at try-outs next fall. But, until then, it sounds like he probably has other recruits in his line-up, and he's giving you the boot. A coach who is truly interested would make greater effort to convince you to attend his school and/or to learn more about your soccer prowess.

My best guess is that he wasn't wowed by whatever you told him in your initial letter or, perhaps, you just didn't tell him enough. Did you simply say something like, "I am a starting fullback on the Happy Valley High School boys' varsity soccer team" or did you tout your selection to the State All-Star team or other elite squads? Did you submit a DVD of game highlights? How about letters of reference (talking about your soccer skills, not just your fine sportsmanship) from current coaches?

If you feel that you didn't do a good enough job of "selling" yourself, then write again with more specifics. But, if there's not a lot to tell (or you already did tell all), then your best shot at your goal is to hope you're admitted to this college for academic reasons, and then go and wow the coach at the try-outs in September.

Good luck!