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Is the SAT the Same as the SAT I?

Question: I have seen references to the "SAT" test and the "SAT I" test. Is this the same test or are they completely different tests? My daughter is taking the SAT June 5th. I saw on a college web site that they require the "SAT I" test. Are we signed up for the wrong test?

Fear not. It sounds like your daughter has signed up for the test she needs to take. The College Board offers two types of college-entrance exams, their "Reasoning Test," (which includes sections on "Critical Reading," Math, and Writing) and their "Subject Tests." (These are a series of hour-long exams that are offered in 20 different subjects. Some colleges --including many of the more selective ones--require two or even three Subject Tests, but at most institutions they are optional. Students can take up to three Subject Tests in a single test session but they cannot take the Reasoning Test and Subject Tests on the same day.)

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