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Is Sophomore on Track for the Ivies et al?

Question: I am an upcoming sophomore at my high school and I would like to attend a private university (e.g. Vanderbilt, Emory), a private liberal arts school (e.g. Rhodes, Williams), or an Ivy League (Harvard, Yale, Princeton, or Columbia specifically). I am currently in my school's Pre-IB program with a 4.1 GPA. I am in a criminal justice program called Law Academy and plan to join the Mock Trial Team next year. I also plan to join the National Honor Society and Ambassadors Club junior/senior year. Do you have any other advice? How hard is it to get into an Ivy League school? Do I have a chance? Thank you for your time and please answer my question, I am really worried if I am on the right path or not.

It sounds like you are on the right track academically, especially if you keep up your good grades, you continue to choose the most challenging classes you can handle, and you score well on the SAT or ACT when the time comes.

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