Is March Too Late to Demonstrate Interest in a College?

Alexis Brown/Unsplash

I have a question about "demonstrated interest." I applied to Tufts and won't hear back until April. I happen to be going to Boston for my brother's engagement party next month. I plan to stop in at Tufts and look around since I'd like to get a feel for the campus, but I won't be doing a formal tour (I looked at the tour schedule and there isn't one available that day when I'll be on the campus...I don't know if I'd have the time anyway). Should I "check in" with admissions or email them ahead of time to say I'll be there? Or offer to set up an interview or meeting with the head of the department I applied to? I want to get credit for "demonstrated interest" by visiting but I realize it's late in the process by the time I'll be there and I won't be doing a formal tour.

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