Is It Too Late for HS Junior to Add Application-Worthy Extracurriculars?


I will be applying to college this fall. I was talking to a friend of mine who is a senior now and just got into his top choice. He said he had to "narrow down" his extracurriculars to 10 because he had more than that, but the application would only let him list 10 of them. I only have two. So my question is: Do I quickly start joining clubs and sports now? Or would that look suspicious to have all these new activities on my applications?

While it can be daunting to hear war stories from the extracurriculars arms race, which can make even the busiest students fear that their activities aren't up to snuff, the truth is that admission officers are looking for commitment and leadership in such pursuits and not for quantity. So the actual number of extracurricular endeavors on a student's application isn't nearly as important as the level of interest and effort.

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