Preparing for College

Is It Bad to Give Up Band?

Question: I have been in marching band for 3 years at my school, but I cannot stand it one more year. All of my friends tell me that I need continuation in my transcript but I have done lacrosse, French, concert band and NHS for going on 4 years. Would it be bad to quit marching band? I am also a Girl Scout, and with the extra time it would be easier to complete my Gold Award.

Ha! One more good reason not to listen to your friends … especially when they’re drowning out that little voice in your own head. ;-) It wouldn’t be at all “bad’ to quit marching band. It sounds like your college applications will be filled with lots of other worthwhile (and ongoing) endeavors, and a Girl Scout Gold Award will actually jump off the page more than yet another year in band.

Your friends are right when they say that college admission officials are looking for commitment, but it seems like there’s no lack of that on your activities list.

So feel free to march away from the band, even if it means giving back that cute hat with the plume. :(

(posted 7/20/2011)