Is Financial Aid Available for Family with $200K Income?

Question: I'm a high school senior and come from a fairly well-off family ($200K per year) I have one brother who is already in college out of state, and another who will enter college the year after me. I realize that my family makes enough money that it would not be fair to give us much financial aid, but can we expect any, given the astronomical expense of sending three kids through college?

If you and your older brother are both in college at the same time, then you MAY qualify for some "need-based" aid from the Federal Government and/or the college you attend, depending on assorted information such as overall family size and other financial obligations. If all THREE of you are in school together, then your family should be eligible for aid almost for sure. (This will depend on the cost of your older brother's college as well as the schools that you and your younger brother attend.)

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