Is Community College + Transfer a Good Plan For Low GPA?

Question: I didn't do great during my Freshman year and did decent Sophomore year. My GPA is too low however, and I was wondering if I were to go to a Community College after high school, (my GPA would obviously reset) would colleges/universities look into that GPA I got in High School or the community college? If I were to do well in a community college, would I have a better chance in getting into a better college than the results if I go with a poor GPA in high school?

If you were to go to community college after high school … or even to a four-year college … and then apply to transfer, your prospective transfer colleges would most likely expect you to submit a high school transcript in addition to your college record, but they would put 99% of the emphasis on the latter. The high school transcript would allow the admission folks to see the “Big Picture" and perhaps to even ooh and ah over how far you've come if your college grades are top-notch, but it won't hold you back in your transfer quest. It's actually common for students to spend two years in a community college or less-selective four-year school and then transfer to another college or university that probably wouldn't have considered them for even a nanosecond based on their high school credentials. College admission officials recognize that some “late bloomers" who struggled in high school can be among their most focused and able students later on.

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