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Is Bio Major Bad Choice for Arts Aficionado?

Question: My junior daughter, a strong student, is applying to mostly match schools, a couple of safeties and 1-2 reaches. Right now she wants to major in Biology and become an immunologist (we know how these things change), but all of her ECs are in the arts - theater acting, theater crew, dance performance. She has other non-school related ECs, but nothing outside of classes in science other than being invited and participating in a STEM for women symposium. She's been advised she should probably not list Biology as her preferred major on applications because of this "imbalance". Do you agree with this? She can't find anything that would qualify as a Biology "EC" at her school. The problem she has with not divulging that Bio is her intended major is that virtually all of the schools she plans to apply to were selected because they had excellent undergrad Bio research opportunities, which would be relevant under the "Why us" essays. What would you do?

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