Is A College Degree Worth the Cost of Tuition?

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You're sure to be flooded with plenty of emotions during your college application process. Don't worry — this is normal. One such source of apprehension you might encounter is the concern that college might not even be worth all the trouble you're putting yourself through to get in the door, let alone the cost of tuition. So is a college degree really worth all the costs involved?

This is a question many students ask while determining where they should apply, as well as when figuring out how to pay for their chosen degree. The cost of a four-year degree has been increasing faster than inflation for over 30 years. Ninety-eight percent of participants in our 2017 College Hopes & Worries survey reported that financial aid would be necessary to pay for college at that time. At many institutions, financial aid includes loans, and so graduates often enter an uncertain job market already loaded with debt. With that in mind, students often reach the question: Is college really the path to professional success and financial stability?

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