Is 3-Year Singapore Bachelor's Degree Accepted by U.S. Grad Schools?

Question: I'm an international student from Vietnam. I got my 3-year Bachelor's degree in computer science from James Cook University in Singapore. Is it possible to use my degree for my higher education Master's degree in the US?

Many U.S. universities will honor your three-year Bachelor's degree from Singapore but some will not. Unfortunately, you'll need to identify the institutions that interest you the most and then inquire at each one. Some will accept only foreign candidates with three-year degrees who have already earned a Master's degree, too.

You might assume that it is just the less-selective institutions that will honor the three-year degree, but that's actually not true. This is why you have to ask each school on your list individually or check Web sites, where this information is often included. (Try the FAQ section if you don't spot it elsewhere.) Moreover, you may find that the answer will depend on not only the university you select but also on the specific graduate program within it.

If you haven't done so already, I suggest that you post this query on the College Confidential International Student forum and ask if other CC members can recommend specific colleges that will accept your degree. Be sure to include the degree you earned, the name of your university, the type of Master's degree you are seeking, and any other preferences you might have (location, etc.) Note, too, that there is a dedicated forum for students from Singapore, so you may want to try that one first. See: (Even though you are Vietnamese, the key here is that you were educated in Singapore.)

You will, of course, be expected to complete all standardized testing that each US university requires, so read instructions carefully.

Happy hunting!

(posted 10/14/2011)