Investment Banking Studies After Flunking Out of Pre-Med Track?

Question: I flunked out of a college, while being on the pre-med track. I want to get back to college and go in the investment banking route. Is this a possibility?

You can certainly do this, but you will have to report your past record when reapplying to college. As much as you might like to start over with a "clean slate," if you do not include your previous courses and grades in your applications, you run the risk of being expelled, should you first get admitted to a new college but your omission later surfaces.

Because of your weak start as a pre-med student, you are likely to find that you will not be accepted to many colleges that might have accepted you right out of high school, based on a good high school record. Yet there are definitely many places that will welcome you ... lousy record and all. :)

You may want to use your essay, a supplemental letter, or the "Additional Information" section that you'll find on most applications to explain why you think you did so poorly the first time around (and why you're convinced you'll do better in the future).

If you are indeed successful in your new classes, you will position yourself to transfer to a more selective school, should you decide that you wish to do so.

There are many people in your shoes ... those who screwed up initially and came back stronger ... so don't feel that you have been permanently thwarted by past failures, but do try to determine what caused them in the first place so that you don't repeat your old mistakes.

(posted 2/15/2011)