Interview Info Redux

In past posts here, we've discussed the college selection process and how to prepare for incorporating those college candidates into your admissions process. We've also talked about visiting the colleges on your list, either during summer vacation or when schools are is session, which is preferable.

But what about coming in contact with a college in a more intimate way, other than walking around campus on a tour or exploring on your own? I'm talking about on-campus interviews, when you find yourself sitting across the table from a college representative, be it an actual live admissions officer or a current student who works in admissions.

This past summer, I offered some interview advice which was primarily aimed at rising seniors who wanted to use summer vacation time to visit colleges and possibly take advantage of interview opportunities then. Because I feel that this information is so important, I'm repeating it here (with some enhancements), kind of like a TV summer rerun airing during fall premier season. So, my loyal regular readers may feel a sense of déjà vu, but that's okay. Good information bears repeating, especially during the heat of the fall application cycle.

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